Hi everyone,

in March 2020, I started a project that I called "coroboration" on Instagram. To get better in video and audio editing, I asked some drummers to send 1 minute-videos or downloaded some of those videos. I started writing and jamming to those, recorded my ideas and mixed it. After that, I pieced everything together in iMovie and put it out on Insta. People seemed to like it, thankfully the people that I've recorded to, too! Since the pandemic seems to stay with us for a long time and there are almost no gigs in sight, I've decided to get a little deeper into my coroboration. After all, it keeps me creative and also from going insane! Actually, the hardest part of it is finding videos of drummers that are not noodling around, playing to a playback or have a decent sound. There might be interviews with the drummers on here, too. We'll see how far I can get with this!


Good luck and good drummers,









Let's start with a special video with the great Ash Soan! Look him up here: www.ashsoan.com

Ash is a British drummer and you will most likely have a record in your collection or a favorite song that he's played on. He's played with Del Amitri, Trevor Horn, Adele, Robbie Williams, James Morrison and so many others. A deep pocket, sound and taste brought him there!

On his video, he played with two different drum sets and threee different approaches over the same loop. I decided to take the same path and used my Moog for the first part, the 1974 Fender Musicmaster Bass (with flats) for the second and my Fodera NYC 5 (with Dunlop Superbrights) for the third part.