Aktuelles Equipment:


1973 Fender Jazz Bass, Sunburst, EMG Pickups

1969 Fender Jazz Bass, Black, Rosewood Fretboard

1969 Fender Jazz Bass, Japan Maple Neck, EMG Pickups

1966 Fender Jazz Bass, Candy Apple Red, stock

1970 Fender Jazz Bass, Transparent White, stock

1974 Fender Jazz Bass, Mapleneck, Nature, stock

1978 Fender Jazz Bass, Sunburst, stock

1963 Fender Precision Bass, Sunburst, Flats

1971 Fender Mustang, Candy Apple Red

1967 Fender Coronado II Bass, Candy Apple Red

1974 Fender Musicmaster Bass, Flats

1979 Music Man Fretless Stingray

2020 Music Man Stingray Special 5

2019 Guild Starfire II, Flats

2014 Moollon Classic P, white

2017 Moollon Classic P , LPB, w/ Jazz Bass Neck

2007 Fodera NYC Empire 5 Fretless

2008 Fodera NYC Empire 5 Ash/Maple

2021 Sadowsky MetroLine, Bartolini PUs

2022 Sadowsky MetroLine, maple Neck, Ash Body

2021 Vincent Akkurat 4, Purple

2020 Nordstrand Acinonyx Short Scale Bass

1965 Höfner Beatles Bass

1966 Höfner Club Bass

1964 Strad-O-Lin Hollowbody

1964 Migma Hollowbody Violin Bass

1978 Maya Ric Copy, black

2009 Azola Bambino Electric Upright

1950 Framus 3/4 Upright w/ Balsereit Neck


I proudly endorse the following companies: 

Amps/Cabs: Glockenklang 

Amps/Cabs: Trickfish Amplification

Strings/Picks/Straplocks: Dunlop Strings

Cables: Rheingold

In Ear: Vision Ears


Pedals/Cables by Rheingold, MXR, Basswitch

Basses: SadowskyMoollonMusic ManVincent

ToneDexter for Upright Bass

Novation Bass Station II


I also like to use:

iGig Bags

Noble Amps Tube D.I./Preamp

3leaf Audio Octabrve, DOOM, Wonderlove, Proton and Octabrve Mini

Rodenberg Distortion and LPD Overdrive/Boost

One Control Red Preamp and Silver Sonic Pedals

Boss OC 2 Octaver

JAM Pedals Harmonius Monk

JPTR EFX Jive Overdrive

JHS Colour Box

EBS Valve Drive Tube Pre/Overdrive

Rupert Neve Designs D.I.

Kloppmann Pickups




Additional support from Paul's Bassmatters, Tino Tedesco, Gitarrenwerkstatt Duisburg, DeGier Guitars, Paul Belgrado, Warwick Distribution, Tonehunter, Big Foot Guitars